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Why Choose AITREC

Learn from Expert Faculty

When it comes to your studies, what you learn can be just as important as who you learn it from. At AITREC Online campus, we give you the advantage of being taught by expert faculty who are among the best and brightest minds in their disciplines and recognized globally for their outstanding work. Since online courses are taught by the same instructors who teaches in leading universities in Africa, Europe and America, you can expect quality of instruction from academics who are dedicated to research, consultancy, teaching, and enhancing learners experience.

Our Training Standards

Guidelines regarding minimum standards are used for course development, design, and delivery of quality online instruction (such as course syllabus elements, course materials, assessment strategies, faculty feedback). We follow the following five online Quality learning standards.

Quality online learning begins with an identity of the relevant needs for students, professionals and employers.

Quality online learning elaborates an effective, practical, and sensible structure and organization for development of courses and programs

Quality online learning integrates proven and research-based best instructional practices applied in the online environment

Quality online learning takes full advantage of a variety of technology tools, has a user-friendly interface and is accessible by learners and instructors.

Quality online learning uses multiple strategies and activities to assess student readiness for, progress in, and mastery of learning outcomes, and provides students with feedback about

The Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework

We use the Community of Inquiry framework to establish teaching, social, and cognitive presences in our online courses.

Social Presence

 The ability of participants to identify with the community, communicate purposefully in a trusting environment, and develop interpersonal relationships.

Cognitive Presence

The extent to which learners are able to construct and confirm meaning through sustained reflection and discourse in a critical Community of Inquiry

Teaching Presence

The design, facilitation and direction of cognitive and social processes for the purpose of realizing personally meaningful and educationally worthwhile learning outcomes.

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