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About Us


AITREC ( Applied Information Technology Research Center Ltd)  was established in the year 2017 to provide professional training services, IT and Security solutions that seeks to improve industry practices.

Online learning is now widely recognized as being effective for students, so for AITREC to be at the forefront of this unique and innovative online campus where you learn from expert faculty is particularly exciting. This will ultimately contribute to what AITREC has long been advocating: Designing hands-on online courses that are market driven   

AITREC Online Campus aims at providing quality and market driven short certificate courses that take the form of hands-on learning and developing work-related skills.  We embrace technological advancements in all courses to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

We specialize in Applied Computing and Cybersecurity  courses with a focus on in depth analysis and hands on training. 

AITREC trains students and professionals across many different verticals. The courses are fully  online and instructors engage the student using our flexible learning management system.


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