Research Focus


We welcome research that highlights successful modern applications of Information Technology solutions in, Tourism, Agriculture, Business, Environment, Education, E-Learning, Geography, E-governance and Security among others.

AITREC organizes conferences, workshops, trainings and provides sponsorship or technical support to conferences and workshops.

AITREC Priorities are informed by the Kenya vision 2030 and conducts research and consulting services on the following areas:

  • Information and cyber security related research including biometrics, cyber defence, critical infrastructure protection, digital forensics, E-health and welfare security, and information security management.
  • ICT4Developmentt (e-inclusion; Development and ICT for Agriculture)
  • Sustainability and Environment (Green and ICT; Global Change; Geo-spatial applications such as GIS)
  • Industry Applications (Smart infrastructure; Data Mining, Manufacture; Future internet applications; Content creation and delivery; Asset management)
  • The Service Economy (m-health; e-Services; e-Education; Business model innovation; Payment solutions; Systems integration; Content and services localisation; Mobile enablement; Trust and security).
  • Socioeconomic evaluation of the use and implementation of IT/IS


  • Patents give the researcher the right to exclude others from making, using, or selling their invention. Things that may be eligible for a patent include processes (e.g., a new or improved process), methods, machines manufactures, compositions, and improvements developed by the researcher. Computer software’s can be eligible for patents as well.
  • Things that are NOT eligible for patent protection include ideas, theories, and principles that have not been reduced to practice.
  • The three requirements for a patent are that your invention must be:
  • (i) useful
  • (ii) new
  • (iii) unobvious to someone who is skilled in the field of the invention