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Project Management


Courses Included


Project Management – This course equips students with knowledge and skills in Project planning and Management and enable them to be able to involve the communities in the whole process of project implementation cycle. Learn about project management fundamentals and project management software tools, foundations of Agile project management, with a focus on implementing Scrum events, building Scrum artifacts, and understanding Scrum roles, Creating effective project documentation and artifacts throughout the various phases of a project, and Practice strategic communication, problem-solving, and stakeholder management through real-world scenario.


Hands-on Labs

This certificate course includes hands-on lab for each topic. You’ll need to successfully finish the labs for each topic before you proceed to the next topic.

Earn a Certificate

When you finish the course and complete the hands-on labs for each topic, you’ll earn a certificate that you can share with prospective employers and your professional network.


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