AITREC Overview


In recognition of inadequate capacity to translate theoretical research into industry practice, Applied Information Technology Research Center Limited (AITREC) is a think-tank that was established  in order to stimulate applied inter-disciplinary research and to provide ICT Consultancy services that seek to improve industry practices and to influence policies within the broad field of the Information Technologies and Systems, and their social economic implications.

We undertake research and training on applied Information Technology to solve the major challenges in today’s work economic and social environments.


The AITREC activities include the following:

  • Engages in applied information technology research for private and public organizations
  • Consultancy Solutions in the IT and related areas
  • Development of dynamic curriculum’s that are responsive to the changing information technology and industry needs.
  • Identifying  new technologies with innovative applications in different sectors
  • Integration of Information Technology solutions  for private and public organizations
  • Capacity Building through face-to face training and online trainings.

Mission of AITREC 

The mission of AITREC  is: “To promote information technology research, improve industry practice and provide evidence-based policy for private and public organizations


  • To deliver high quality applied information technologies solution based research
  • To strengthen the partnership that facilitates the collaboration of industry, government and education
  • To produce consumable research ready to meet the challenges of the fast growing field of information and computing technology
  • To provide flexible and dynamic curriculum that is responsive to the changing information technology work force needs
  • To produce socially responsible member’s equipped with the knowledge and skills required for professional careers


The vision of AITREC is to become an internationally recognized inter-disciplinary research and consultancy organization on application of Information Technologies and Systems to all spheres of social and economic development.