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  • Encryption Specialist Program at Best Western Plus Meridian Nairobi,Kenya

    Encryption Specialist Program Register Now Program Overview Encryption Specialist Program is a hands-on training for young professionals  in the field of Information Technology. In this program you will learn how cryptography is the cornerstone of security technologies, and how through its use of different encryption methods you can protect private or sensitive information from unauthorized […]

  • Cyber-Threat Intelligence Program at Best Western Plus Meridian Hotel, Nairobi,Kenya

    Event Name : Cyber Threat Intelligence  Program Register Now  Program Overview Artificial intelligence is changing the game for cybersecurity, analyzing massive quantities of risk data, to speed response times and augment the capabilities of under-resourced security operations. AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing enable analysts to respond to threats with greater confidence […]

  • ISO 31000 Enterprise Risk Management Program at Best Western Meridian Hotel

      Enterprise Risk Management Program       Ksh 30,000 Register Now Program Overview This training program provides  credentialing you need to become recognized as an authority in leading or facilitating risk assessment and management according to the ISO/IEC 31000  and ISO/IEC 27001 standards. Learn ISO 31000 Enterprise Risk Management, and how to leverage the ISO 31000 standard […]

  • Digital Forensics Program at Best Western Plus Meridian Hotel, Nairobi,Kenya

     Event Name :  Digital Forensics Program Register Now Program Overview Digital forensics program  involves the investigation of computer-related crimes Participants completing this program will be familiar with the core digital investigation  theories  and practical skills necessary to perform first level digital forensic investigations, understand the role of technology in investigating computer-related crimes . Computer forensics […]

  • Information Systems Audit Program at Best Western Meridian Hotel

    Ksh 20,000 Register Now Information Systems Audit Program

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